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__1. Coupons are viewed by an estimated 2 MILLION PLUS
____travelers in all 14 Midwest States. Coupons are not limited to a
____general area, so a traveler in Iowa going to Oklahoma would have
____access to Oklahoma coupons immediately.

__2. The ATSI Guide uses advertising methods PROVEN TO WORK
____for over 20 years.

__3. ATSI provides FULL COLOR graphics at no additional cost.
____Photos of properties are encouraged! Coupons can be
____customized for each season and publication!
__4. ATSI provides a coupon tracking system that allows clients to
____monitor their RETURN ON INVESTMENT. If the coupons are
____not coming in, we will help find a solution.

__5. Coupons are also available ONLINE at no extra cost.

__6. Cash discounts and/or convenient PAYMENT PLANS available.

____SERVICES & OPTIONS: (actual ad on left, not to scale)

__1. ATSI will put together an eye-catching, full-color advertisement
____for best possible response. Various forms of client-constructed
____ads are also accepted.

__2. Your coupon will display the location at the top, along with a
____map-referencing number in the upper left corner. If there are
____4 or more properties advertising in one location, then a city-map
____will be created for that location.

__3. Along with free full color graphics, large contact information,
____directions and maps, you have the option of adding symbols for
____easily recognized services at no extra cost.

__4. ATSI targets over 3000 heavy traffic & travel locations in 16 states!
____We focus on Visitor Centers and popular highway businesses!

The ATSI Guide Currently Features:
Hotel & Motel Ads • Restaurant Ads • Commercial & Tourism Display Ads
• Superior State & City Locater Maps


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